Monday, 27 April 2009

A Long List of Things to Do

There has been a large gap between posts here. It seems any website I run seems to get one of these posts every now and then, due to my prophesized failure on the attention span front, but I do have a few excuses that I would like to invoke and abuse.

Well, I have one excuse: Exams.

For some reason, the period of time before exams, I turn into a hugely unpleasant person that is not capable of running their life properly or productively. Whereas I can not say that "due to revision, I don't have time for this", I can say that "due to revision, I don't want to do this."

Bizarrely enough, any motivation I may have built up, or any routine I may have developed, evaporates with a looming deadline.

This is not the only project that has languished as a result of academic loomings and for all others affected by this bout of pathetic apathy, I shall apologise to you individually and where possible in person, but probably not until after my exams.

If you're expecting any blog like postings here, it might be best to check back in June, where normal service may be resumed.

Additional Notes:

You see, I can't even be bothered to write anything here. Normally when composing a post, I can think of a couple of quick little witticisms, or at the very least quirky comments or afterthoughts, but today, nothing.

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