Wednesday, 8 July 2009


A while ago I mentioned I was working on an unusual project with a friend.

Well, here it is:

It has come out quite nicely, and although I feel my graphics are a little rough around the edges (the bigger the ships get, the more rubbish they get), they're already being smoothed out in the work I'm doing for the sequel.

This has been a learning experience for both myself and the poor happless friend that comissioned my snail-pace-"artistic"-services that has come out a lot better than I expected.

Additional Notes:
My friend, the ever-talented programmer Mr. Sneeze, has his website over at and also a flash games portal over at which I must warn you, can become a bit of a time sink. I actually find myself playing a lot of these flash games during down time in my Warcraft sessions, which is perverse in its own way: Playing games to pass the boredem in a bigger game...

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