Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Creative Crunch

An oft mused upon subject of mine that occasionally leaks its way out of my brain is that sort of meta-creation whereby something comes into being as a result of being bored, or not knowing what to do. This blog entry is an example of such a creature.

What happens is thus: A writer, artist or otherwise creative type gets their own particular brand of writers block and is unable to think of what to do. As a result, they write something, or create something, based on not knowing what to do. There are quite a few things that pop into existence this way. On one end of the spectrum, there are uninspired blog posts that whine about not knowing what to do, and on the other end you get TV shows like Spaced, which appears to be solely about being stuck in some sort of creative vacuum without knowing what to do.

I’m not really making a point here about anything in particular, I’m just commenting on my own complete lack of enthusiasm. It’s been particularly bad lately, but there are two things that I feel could possibly pull me out of this. The first is fantastic advice as seen on 43 folders amongst other places to essentially get on with it and stop complaining, and the other is some sort of structure. It has been established by some friends of mine that Tuesdays are now a day for making things and being creative, a sentiment that I hope to uphold religiously, possibly obsessively if things go well.

My current personal project to take me out of the creative crunch is to complete a script for a semi-adaptation of Robin Hood, but that isn’t Robin Hood, because the BBC already did that. Sort of. Depending on how that goes, I might update on my progress.

Additional Notes:

My particular brand of writers block has nothing to do with inspiration, but more to do with a lack of effort required to actually make me do something with the inspiration, normally resulting in me firing up (or shooting up...I’m never sure which is the appropriate way of saying it) Warcraft instead and vaporising the evening in one fell swoop.

In personal news: I’ve finished my law course completely. My final essay was handed in with much drama and confusion when there was no plausible way of submitting it, but I just interpreted that as some kind of final test. I didn’t fall through the trap door into the maw of the leopard, therefore I think I passed.

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