Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Link: Generation Crunch

I have been referred to quite a good article about the "Generation Crunch" over at the telegraph. The author makes some good and valid points, such as the problems with doing a masters degree. I particularly like the idea of avoiding paying off a student life altogether:

"Another friend, who was educated by Benedictine monks, receives regular letters from one of the brothers, advising him to join the monastery. "Dear James," the letters start, "the monastery is currently recruiting novices… have you considered giving up the material life and answering God's call to monastic orders?" He replies in the negative, he tells me, but with increasing reluctance. I understand his dilemma. OK, there are a few drawbacks, but since you don't start repaying your student loan until you earn more than £15,000, a life of saintly poverty could be the way forward. "

The full article can be read here. (Telegraph)

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